We need common sense discussion about gun control

We need common sense discussion about gun control. Is it me or are the knee-jerk arguments swilling around the Internet for and against gun control utterly bereft of rigorous thinking and just plain absurd?

On the control side, face it. An outright ban is not possible. Likewise, banning assault style rifles, high capacity magazines, and whatever else you can think of at this stage of the game amounts to closing the barn door long after the horse has fled to greener pastures.

On the 2nd Amendment Side, c’mon people. Arguing that gun control laws have no place in the national debate is absurd. Guns do kill people and they do it far more effectively than any other method available to the average citizen.

Saying if we take away all the guns, evil people will find a way to victimize the good people is ridiculous. Yeah, they will but not as many and not as fast. There’s a big difference between squeezing off thirty rounds of ammo in a few seconds and trying to work your way through a room with a baseball bat.

And yeah, there is a lot of gun violence in big cities. That’s not an argument to abandon gun control law.  I know, some teacher in Mississippi stopped a would-be mass murder with his .45. But we all know how badly that could have gone and how terrible our lives would be if everyone packed heat. Do you really want to leave civil society in the control of our streets to quick-draw artists and people like George Zimmerman?

So what do you say folks? How about we apply some common sense to the problem? Perhaps we could collaborate on making our country safe from the mentally ill and the sociopaths while respecting the rights of law abiding citizens?

But wait. That would require actually listening to each other instead of waiting our turn to ejaculate our talking points.

I double-dog-dare you to listen attentively before acting.

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