Voting on April 4th

Tomorrow April 4, 2011 is Election Day. There are two important races: Selectman and  Planning Board.

In the field for Selectman are two people who have already held the office. I plan to vote for Michael Carroll. He is experienced–both as a selectman and also as a town administrator.  He is also intelligent and open minded. And he understands the need to balance our beloved country character with smart growth that will sustain us financially in the future. Check out his web site for more details about his positions and ideas.

The Planning Board has a three way race for two slots. I have had the pleasure to serve on the Planning Board with Glen Pisani for a number of years.  He is intelligent, sensible, and forward thinking. He’s a candidate with deep roots in the community who is unafraid to look at the future with an open mind. I have also had a few conversations with John Fragola.  Based on those conversations and discussions I’ve had with numerous mutual acquaintances, I’m convinced he will bring the right stuff to the Planning Board.

So get out there and vote!

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