Vote for Tom Wrynn for Planning Board

The not-in-my-backyard approach to managing growth is at odds with the rigors of the job of Planning Board and inimical to Wrentham’s long term financial health.

Mostly the Planning Board functions like a judge.  Its primary job is to gather information about residential and commercial development projects, insure that they are executed in accordance with all the applicable laws and regulations, and balance the interests of property owners, abutters, and the community as a whole.

There are clearly spelled out guidelines for how decisions are made that leave considerably less room for discretion than is commonly believed. Doing the job properly requires members to strive for impartiality in their decisions.  Members must do their homework.  They have to work with staff and the town’s engineering firm. They have to work with applicants’ representatives. They must render fair and ethical decisions based on the information presented at the hearings and the laws that govern the process.

The key words on which to focus are balance, objectivity, and ethical.  A long list of killed projects, many of which had they succeeded would have helped us avoid our current financial straights, is not a good resume item for a prospective member.  Campaign rhetoric that demonstrates a willingness put aside the town’s best interest if someone’s backyard is threatened should be a warning to voters.

Why is it that our nearest neighbor, Foxboro, has a budget surplus and just certified some $6,000,000 in free cash and we are facing an override and severe cuts in service?

Once upon a time Wrentham and Foxboro were both rural towns with real estate on Route 1. It’s not hard to connect the dots between the say-no-to-everything mentality that has stifled smart growth in Wrentham for the last ten years.  There is a direct connection between our $1.5m budget short fall and the not-in-my-backyard approach to growth.

Tom Wrynn is committed to maintaining our rural character, to fair and impartial decisions, and to growth that contributes to our long term financial needs.

Vote for Tom Wrynn for Planning Board

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