SPAH Financials

Because SPAH is non-profit organization, SPAH members and the public have right to know how the organization’s money is spent and how decisions are made. The U.S. and Michigan laws require the organization to furnish information about its finances to whomever asks. This is in return for relief from corporate tax, sales tax, and the ability to accept tax deductible donations.

The current management team has been reluctant to release financial information After numerous emails requesting financial data, the management team finally released its tax returns for the last three years. (FYI, this is publicly available on GuideStar) Requests were made for P&L reports (Profit and Loss) and detailed information about transactions–both were refused.

Warren and I believe SPAH should be a fully transparent organization. We will release a Financial Report at the annual meeting during the convention as well as on

In token fulfilling that promise, below are links to PDFs of the last three tax returns.

Download SPAH Tax Returns

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