Very often I hear people talking about what the town did or did not do. We are the town. If we want something different, then we need to elect different people. Let’s hold yur elected officials accountable.

There are approximately 7400 registered voters in Wrentham. In most years 1000 or fewer vote in the April election and therefore choose our local officials.  Town Meeting sees an even smaller portion of the electorate participating. Typical turn out for a town meeting is around 200.

The smallest uptick in participation can mean the difference between business as usual or meaningful change. Your vote is a critical part of the process.

Don’t leave your welfare and your money to the whims of others.

Get On Up!

Most people feel like they cannot make a difference. But you can. As the late, great James Brown said in his 1971 single bearing the same name, “Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved.”

There are  many roles to play in bringing about the necessary changes to meet the new challenges.  Running for office is only one.  You can help by encouraging and supporting the best and brightest to run. You can vote. You can educate yourself about the issues.

You can participate.