mercy, mercy, mercy

I picked up a G harp yesterday
it felt like bumping into an old
girlfriend recalling countless
nights of naked music colored
my lips white how are you
I looked at my feet and
shrugged a bit worse for the
wear We didn’t break  up I
just stopped calling in a
gesture more akin to kissing
a friend I pursed my lips to
the cold mouthpiece too soon
for tongue blocking or split
octaves Shyly pulling on the
two draw the home base for
the blues I played a D7th scale
and then the pentatonic a note
reminded me of Cannonball
Aderly’s version of “Mercy,
Mercy, Mercy” he says ”
sometime we don’t know just
what to do when adversity
takes over” he says “and I
have advice for all of you
I got it from my pianist Joe
Zawinul who wrote this tune
and it sounds like what you’re
supposed to do when you have
that kind of problem it’s called
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy” How can
five notes suspended in time
so completely express that feeling
you get when you reach the bottom
when it takes so long to get there
and longer still to climb out?
mercy mercy mercy

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