Jon and Peg Morse Weigh in on the Public Safety Communication Tower

In a letter to the editor to The Sun Chronicle on Friday, April 25, 2008,, Jon and Peg Morse, co-owners of the Big Apple Farm property and owner/operators of the Big Apple Farm, clarify some important issues concerning the Public Safety’s use of the the radio antenna on the Big Apple property.

  • The Big Apple Business is owned by Jon and Peg Morse
  • The Big Apple land is owned jointly by Tom, Pete, and Jon Morse
  • There are no plans to sell the business or the property
  • The antenna is located on Tom Morses’s home site
  • The antenna is property permitted
  • And Mr. and Mrs Morse wonder why Selectmen leadership and the Public Safety Communications Review Committee never contacted Tom Morse to negotiate a lease.

Actually, I wonder that as well.  Take a few minutes to read Jon and Peg’s letter it is very instructive. We have an opportunity to save the town a lot of money.  Please come to town meeting and challenge the Selectmen leadership on this issue. Ask them why they’d prefer to spend $122,997 for something we can get for free or at a fraction of the cost.

Town Meeting is on April 28th at the KP High School at 7:30pm.

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