In Support of Jay McMorrow

by Bob Cohen, Wrentham, MA

Jay McMorrow has been an asset to the Wrentham Fire Department and has done a fine job running the department since, Chief Morrill’s retirement.

George Labonte and Ed Goddard voted for him. Jay has the support of his staff, the three fire chiefs on the selection panel recommended him for the job, and he has the support of the community.

Suggesting that Acting-Chief McMorrow was somehow less qualified than Mr Pare after a selection committee of his peers recommended him for the job does not make sense. It is a red herring argument.

Perhaps most troubling is that the appointment meeting was held at an inconvenient time for most of the town.

Yes, Open Meeting law seems to have been satisfied but not the Chair’s obligation to democracy or to serve the citizens of Wrentham. Ms. Firth suggested in a letter to the editor that the lack of notification was inadvertent. Inadvertence requires the omission be accidental.

Ms. Dunn said in an email to Keith Billian, “Val asked me if I was going to call Cable 8 and I said no. I don’t believe it is my responsibility to do that . . .”

Ms. Dunn’s unwillingness to notify the public and Ms. Firth’s defense imply contempt for the democratic process and for the people whom they serve.

In my opinion Selectmen, Dunn, Firth and Zizza ignored professional advice, many years of service, the fire department staff, and the community.

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