Clinton’s email scandal is a political dirty trick

Somebody PLEASE explain to me how Clinton’s email scandal is not a political dirty trick. Here are some facts to consider:
  • Her server has been public knowledge since March 2015.
  • National Archives and Records Administration officials flagged her private server as a potential problem as early as 2009.
  • Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed a FOIA request in 2012
  • It seems beyond comprehension that our major security organs weren’t aware of Clinton’s server and weren’t monitoring the situation. If something were amiss, surely they would have acted.
  • Do the research. Many government entities had full knowledge of the situation. Yet nobody said boo until Clinton ran for president.
  • Why didn’t the FBI investigate when they found out? Like back in 2009? Why didn’t they move swiftly in 2015? Surely this could have been put to bed by the FBI before the Primaries began.
  • Why did they wait until until July 2016, the middle of the primary season to issue findings?

It surely seems like there were no problems with her server until the GOP got a hold of the issue during the Benghazi witch hunt and tried to use it to sling mud at Clinton. Comey is trying to play spoiler in the election. Am I the only person concerned that our top law enforcement agency has played politics? If she broke the law, they should have dealt with the problem before she ran for president. I can only conclude that Comey did not believe she broke the law and jumped on the bandwagon to influence the outcome of the election. Shame on him.

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