Chromatic vs. Diatonic: Harmonica Politics

The choice of instrument flows from our taste in music and what we have to say as musicians. Chromatic, Diatonic, Bass, and Chord all deserve a place in SPAH.

Most of my playing has focused on the diatonic and blues. But for the last two years I have studied Jazz and music theory with Mike Turk. For that application the chromatic is my instrument of choice.

Please be assured that Warren and I will preserve all the harmonica traditions. As listeners and aficionados of our instrument we find pleasure in the full spectrum of harmonicas. Under our administration, the shows and seminars at the convention will continue to reflect tradition and embrace diversity.

The changes Warren and I hope to bring to SPAH are related to how the business is run. We take the “Preserve and Advance” mission very seriously. We also believe SPAH needs business minded leadership to accomplish that mission in the future.

Winslow is an amazing musician , well known in SPAH, and has served the organization with distinction. He has my respect and gratitude. If being president was a reward for harmonica street cred, Winslow would get my vote. In my opinion, however, the job of president is to run the business and to have a vision for the future.

In those areas Warren and I offer an alternative worth serious consideration. SPAH will benefit greatly from a management team with a can-do mindset instead of a “Do what you can, with what you’ve got, where you are” approach. (source: Winslow’s candidate’s statement) Bien pensant. The literal transition means “good thinking.” In other words, going along to get along.

The music we all listen to did not spring from a culture of bien pensant. At one time  originators were the agitators and boat rockers. Thank God for outsiders. If SPAH’s members aspire to being more relevant to the entire harmonica community in the 21st century, Warren and I are the choice.