Chester Green Backstory

By profession, Chet was a lineman for the phone company. His leisure time was spent in compulsive industry that often involved hard physical labor. Whether it was tending to his nursery, fixing the cars, making repairs around the house, burying the phone and electric lines.

From the point of view of people of Jerry’s friends’ families who had only recently moved from tough working class neighborhoods in New York City, Chet seemed like a bit of an anachronism. He spanned the gap between rural and suburban Bayview. Through no intention of his own, Chet’s house found itself in in the middle hundreds of brand new houses. He maintained his home impeccably. He stood bolt upright and walked with determination and economy. He drove his vehicles for 200,000+ miles at time when most American cars were ready for the junk yard by 80,000. But of course he could because he maintained everything mechanical in his life scrupulously.

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