Celebrate Sonny Boy Williamson and Support the Tutweiler, MS Community Center

Join Jon Gindick in a celebration of Blues Harmonica Hero Sonny Boy Williamson Jon and Blues Harmonica Jam Camp present The Sonny Boy Fest, a 1-day min- Jam Camp on Monday, May 21st at The Shack Up Inn in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Starting at 1 pm and going until 8 pm, this day for harmonica players will focus on teaching beginners and intermediates the arts of blues harmonica and plain old fashion jamming fun. Jon Gindick is the world’s best-selling instruction author on harmonica, and his seminars are world famous for involving everyone who attends. Coaches include top pros and trained teachers.

There will be different classes for players of all levels, a band for jamming, and a field trip to Sonny Boy Williamson’s grave. The cost is $65 online or $75 at the door. Harmonicas will be on sale for $15.00. Tickets can be purchased at at www.sonnyboyclub.com

Proceeds will go to the Tutwiler Community Education Center which operates the Sonny Boy Music Program in the town of Tutwiler, where blues hero Sonny Boy Williamson II is buried. In 2011, from contributions from harmonica players all over the world, over 25 children took twice weekly classes from local blues musicians in bass, drums, harmonica and guitar for most of the school year and through the summer. The program has also purchased 10 guitars, amps, keyboards and 2 sets of drums. You Tube videos of the Sonny Boy Club’s website show the improvement as the kids get better and better.

Inspired from his first visit to Tutwiler in 2008, Sonny Boy Club donor and jam camper, Ed Masterson of New Jersey, has purchased the historic Hamilton home, which he intends to restore and turn into a music and arts center. The property covers several acres and Masterson’s plans include a “Hambone Hamilton” Amphitheatre, a Sonny Boy musical summer camp for kids, and continued weekly lessons for the children of Tutwiler.

Another Jam Camper, Robert Venetucci, visited the bluesman’s grave and toured the Educational Center. He noticed the computers in the Center’s after school program were old. Within six weeks, Venetucci sent 10 refurbished much newer computers as a donation from Portrait Innovations, the company for whom he is a tech executive.

The Tutwiler Community Educational Center, operated by Sister Maureen Delaney,  operates on funding from many different sources and offers classes in poetry, photography, computer lab and more to the children in this blighted area with a rich musical past. The Tutwiler Quilting Society and local sports teams are also housed in the center and its gym.

It is only by passing through the town of Tutwiler to visit Sonny Boy Williamson’s grave that Gindick, Masterson, and Venetucci became inspired. The once charming Main Street is mostly shuttered brick buildings and the nearest school is several miles away. There are no gangs in Tutwiler, but there is the Tutwiler Community Education Center and kids making music. There are also lots of old buildings that you can get for taxes, and some people with a dream of making the world a better place.

Those seeking more information are encouraged to visit www.Sonnyboyclub.com
or call Jon Gindick at 310-457-8278