Trump pick for Secretary of State Petraeus 2 years probation

Petraeus sentenced to 2 years probation, fined $100,000

Petraeus sentenced to 2 years probation, fined $100,000© Getty Images


Trump pick for Secretary of State Petraeus sentenced to 2 years probation, fined $100,000 Former CIA Chief and Four Star General David Petraeus on President-Elect Trump’s short list for Secretary of State. What the hell everyone deserves a second chance, right? After all Marion Barry got reelected. I’m sure General Petraeus learned his lesson.

Think of this as a prison to job program for fallen high achieving white people. Maybe Trump can appoint Bernie Madoff to head the treasury. He’s good with numbers and deserves a second chance. Maybe Trump can set up a half-way house in Trump Towers and the White House.

Trump plans to use this appointment to highlight his plans to disrupt the business to prison pipeline.

History Strikes Back – Seriously Rich Lowry?

President Barack Obama won’t explicitly say that Donald Trump is on the wrong side of history, but surely it is what he believes. The president basically thinks anyone who gets in his way is transgressing the larger forces of history with a capital H. During the 2008 campaign, he […]

History Strikes BackHistory Strikes Back? Seriously Rich Lowry? Here’s what he says, “The notion that History takes sides ultimately traces back to the philosopher G.W.F. Hegel and borrows heavily from the (genuine and very hard-won) moral capital of the abolitionists and the civil rights movement. “

This all by itself illustrates Lowery’s reductive point of view. First of all, it axiomatically devalues Obama’s and the “Left’s” agenda and “moral capital.” Secondly, he takes a literalist approach to a rhetorical device.

Obama and the “Left” are well aware history is not a conscious entity. It does not take sides. The “history will judge” phraseology speaks from educated guesses based on actual knowledge of history and human kind. It supposes how future people will view current times.

When we look back at past events today, there are precious few (if any) times when we we judge injuring or depriving a group’s rights moral or “right” or when we don’t look back with shame when our ancestors for failed to help people in need.

I find it ironic to see a Lowery try to slip into moral relativism to weasel out of a core Conservative principle: actions are either moral or immoral, right or wrong. Perhaps you or he would be kind enough to point out the moral framework in which it’s okay to hurt people because they peacefully live their lives differently from the “dominant” culture.

Then there’s the “spectacular failure of the left” He’s already trying to rewrite history. Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most unlikable candidate in American history, got 2m more votes than Trump. The electoral college, like the Red State/Blue State maps, describe a reality that does not exist.

There is no argument based in fact that supports the assertion of “spectacular failure.” What’s more, Lowery also assumes the “Left” will be inept in holding back the Red tide of retrograde thinking. Look up the word. It is properly used.

Lowery also ignores the absolute truth that Trump did not drain the swamp. This battle was between apex predators over who gets to eat the most prey.

“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” Sadly the people got fooled again. At least under Clinton, the reactionary voters would have gotten lip service and a few crumbs for their votes. With Trump, they have aided and abetted in their own destruction.