The John H. Sets Sail for New London at 1pm

For Lex Pelger and the Slow House on K Street

The “John H” just set sail beneath a fearless autumn sun.
A breeze strokes the water’s surface raising row upon row of goosebumps.
It’s harder than a caress softer than adolescent passion.
White bits of foam churn in the shoals around the Orient Point lighthouse
before giving way to the deep blue of the Sound
and the browns where the lands meets the horizon.
The day feels on the edge of a laconic Zen poem,
deeply breathed, with its energy burbling just north of Chi,
uncertain whether to rise or fall. Indeed,
as if on cue, the boat rolls starboard to port.
The pilot turns the ferry into the wind to smooth out the ride.
Inhale, “Clear, clear mind.
Exhale “Don’t know.”
Whether sun or no sun,
Wind or no wind,
Pitch or roll,
The “John H” sails upon the water
S/he will reach the other side around 2:30pm.

Trump Solves Climate Change

minitrue2President-Elect Trump’s transition team announces they’ve solved the Climate Change problem. Mr. Trump directed the prospective EPA chief Myron Ebell to instruct The Ministry of Truth (Minitrue) to excise all references to climate change from our vocabulary and scientific literature.

Climate change will cease to exist upon completion of their work. According to Ebell,”Go outside right now. It’s cold. See!. Science is a liberal conspiracy funded by China and our enemies throughout the world to hobble our economy and take jobs away from hard working Americans.”

Questions: Schedule a meeting at MiniLuv with O’Brien.

Sadly this isn’t exactly a joke. According to Scientific American, Trump plans to appoint climate change denier in chief Myron Ebel to head the EPA.

We are not okay

wearenotokayWe are not okay. For the first time in my life, I am truly embarrassed to be an American. Voters who have nothing in common with me and whose values I do not, nor will I ever, share gave into their baser instincts and embraced fear and loathing. We are not okay because the Democratic National Committee’s cheating forced a losing candidate on America. We are not okay because the corporate media blacked out the one candidate who actually would have helped people. We are not okay because Hillary Clinton put her ambition ahead of the good of the people. We are not okay because the FBI interfered in the election. Evidently more suffering is required. Finally, call me a sore loser but I’m not interested in debate today. This is a moment for compassion. It’s a moment for all you Trump supporters to prove you are not like the devil you just put in office.