Soccer Critics Are Right, But it’s Time to Zip it and Cheer–not

I agree it’s time to shut up and cheer. However, I’m not sure what there was to complain about in the first place? Why does everything have to boil down to left vs right? Why does every disagreement about matters of taste have to be a fight for the soul of our country?

This constant caviling against soccer, or as it’s known in the rest of the world football, is just plain absurd. It’s not the sport we baby-boomers grew up with. So what.

Ironically the drive to get involved in the sport is pure capitalism. In case you didn’t notice the WHOLE WORLD PLAYS soccer/football. That’s a much bigger market than the U.S. sports markets. Our businesspeople want to get a piece of the pie.

The veneer of amity peels up when Davis goes on to say, “Conservatives in particular have had a great time savaging soccer— from Ann Coulter, who properly taps the brakes on any sport where girls compete alongside boys, [emphasis added] to Marc Thiessen, who crafts a sublime argument that soccer is socialist. ”

Gimmie a break. As the father of an amazing daughter and the husband and son of extremely brilliant women, Mark Davis and Ann Coulter can go jump in a lake.  Who the hell are they to say where women can and can’t compete? The privilege of participating at anything, elite or otherwise, belongs to those with the skill to do it, not to those who have a a dick and balls.

I can’t help but notice Ann Coulter does not shuffle  around the house in a dirty blue duster dragging a train of children on her hem.

And, Mark Theissen, socialist sport? Really? Why because they do not pretend one score = six points + 1 for a kick or organize the game around commercials?

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