Everyone hates Nancy Pelosi

Everyone hates Nancy Pelosi says a photoshopped meme from NewsBusters that just appeared on my Facebook page. It proclaims “According to a recent poll, Nancy Pelosi is the MOST unpopular person in Congress. Of course the media won’t touch this story.”

It’s amazing how a few clicks and five minutes can turn a Facebook political meme on its head. Here’s the information trail:

Everyone hates Nancy Pelosi
Everyone hates Nancy Pelosi

Now watch how propaganda gets created. NewsBusters circulates a Photoshop meme on Facebook based on information it got from the Media Research Center’s web site written by NRCC “Rapid Response Coordinator” Matt Gorman, thus imbuing the assertion with an air of legitimacy.

Mr. Gorman does no original reporting but merely cites a blog piece about a recent Gallop Poll measuring the relative popularity of the four Congressional leaders written by Daniel Strauss and published on thehill.org.

Paraphrasing Strauss, Gorman says  “Today, thanks to Gallup, [Nancy Pelosi] can add another title to her long resume: the most unpopular person in Congress.”

The Strauss piece cites the legitimate data and endeavors to present an unbiased story about the Gallup poll results which say “The top Republican and Democratic leaders in the U.S. House and Senate are a generally unpopular foursome, with Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi being the most well-known, but also the least well-liked.

See what happened there? NewsBuster misinforms its readers by saying mainstream media won’t cover the story. That’s flat out wrong. It did. Google it. Then they build upon Matt Gorman’s ersatz bone fides to create a fallacious argument.

Mr. Gorman put words in the Gallup poll’s mouth, as it were, when he wrote “Today, thanks to Gallup.” Then he misstated the conclusion by saying Pelosi  was “the most unpopular person in Congress” rather than the least popular congressional leader.

The data does indeed suggest pound-for-pound, Nancy Pelosi is the least liked congressional leader. It also says she is very well know, generally liked by Democrats and likely in the best position to tell the Democrats’ narrative in upcoming elections. More importantly, it also says none of the Congressional leaders are well liked. Nancy Pelosi just happens to be the least liked.

So who are we dealing with?

  • NewsBusters according to its Facebook page is “the official blog of the Media Research Center, [which] works to expose liberal media bias 24/7!
  • The Media Research Center says it “is proud to celebrate 25 years of holding the liberal media accountable for shamelessly advancing a left-wing agenda, distorting the truth, and vilifying the conservative movement.”
  • The NRCC devotes itself “to maintaining and increasing the 232-member Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.”
  • The Hill. is a legitimate news organization focused on DC politics
  • Gallup. is a legitimate and respected polling organization

Any chance the first three organizations have a VERY specific agenda?

The moral of the story? Climb out of your echo bunkers and do your goddamned homework. Base your opinion on facts, not Facebook memes from your lemming Facebook friends or on ersatz research provided by propagandists like young Mr. Gorman who work for organizations that value political supremacy over the truth.

Enough with the Obama complaints

Enough with the Obama complaints. Dateline: April 5, 2013, Everywhere, America. If you voted for Romney, your candidate lost. More Americans wanted the other guy. Don’t worry about Willard. He’s still rich and you’re not.

It’s time to be a REAL American and accept the election results. Quit your kvetching. Put your energy into working within the system to get the best possible results. That’s what responsible citizens do as opposed to sore losers who prefer to whine. You can’t take you bat and ball home because you’re already home.

Otherwise it’s going to be a long four years after which things will suck worse.