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It’s all about the numbers

Without people, a membership organization cannot pursue its mission. Failing to attract new members and grow the organization signals either a lack of interest in the mission or problems with membership development. SPAH’s issue is not a lack of interest … Continue reading

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A note on campaign rhetoric

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, elections are the worst form of choosing a leader except for all the others. Elections are messy. They have winners and losers. They pit well intentioned people against each other and force candidates to struggle with … Continue reading

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Chromatic vs. Diatonic: Harmonica Politics

The choice of instrument flows from our taste in music and what we have to say as musicians. Chromatic, Diatonic, Bass, and Chord all deserve a place in SPAH. Most of my playing has focused on the diatonic and blues. … Continue reading

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SPAH Election 2012

Members now have an opportunity to choose SPAH’s future direction. In the 2012 election SPAH members will have a choice in leadership instead of being asked to accept the hand-chosen successor of the current management team. Our predecessors have done … Continue reading

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Cohen-Bachman SPAH Roadmap

Creating and implementing a robust marketing program designed to increase and diversify our membership. Adding tangible benefits to our membership. Increasing attendance at the convention. More actively developing useful content for the web site. Forming stronger partnerships with manufacturers, vendors, … Continue reading

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A Note on Transparency

In addition to our vision for growth and professionalization, Warren and I believe SPAH should be a fully transparent organization. The current management culture has been disinclined to make available important information to the membership like our financial status meeting … Continue reading

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Sympathy for the Devil

The blood oath ceremony disturbed Jerry deeply.  When it was his turn to leave the hooch, he flashed the “thumbs-up”, gripped the ersatz door jambs, and propelled himself into a frenzied run for Chris’s garage.  He grabbed his bike, and … Continue reading

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Zen Mind, Writing Mind

I struggle with my writing. It’s lonely, painful, and frustrating to the point of Prozac–actually generic Zoloft but that does not alliterate. Don’t get me wrong, I am not without skill or talent neither do I always struggle. I have … Continue reading

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Um . . . Yeah, like, teaching stuff

“There are three things to remember when teaching: know your stuff; know whom you are stuffing; and then stuff them elegantly.” (Lola J. May, educator and writer) On it’s face, May’s advice rings true. Who could argue with a prescription … Continue reading

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SPAH Financials

Because SPAH is non-profit organization, SPAH members and the public have right to know how the organization’s money is spent and how decisions are made. The U.S. and Michigan laws require the organization to furnish information about its finances to … Continue reading

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