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Vote for Patrick Moore and Glen Pisani for Planning Board on April 7th

I serve with both Patrick and Glen on the Planning Board. Both are good men who work diligently to make fair decisions that follow the laws of the Commonwealth and the by-laws of the town. They are open minded and work vigorously to balance the needs of the townspeople, the abutters, and the property owners.

Both are life long residents of Wrentham who have seen the town transform from a quiet little farming village to a Suburban bedroom community. Change is inevitable. They have chosen to learn from their experiences and plan for the future.

Growth is coming whether we want it or not.

In my opinion, neither Mr. Zizza nor Mr. Marian offer constructive solutions to our challenges, opting instead to throw up red herring and straw man arguments that incite people’s fears.

Failing to plan is, if you’ll indulge the cliche, planning to fail.

Planning is the only constructive influence we have over what lies ahead. Revisiting our Zoning By-Laws gives the people of Wrentham the opportunity to shape our future. Updating the By-Laws does not give away our leverage with developers. That is yet another of Mr. Zizza’s red herring arguments and it illustrates a fundamental misunderstanding of the Planning Board’s role, which is to PLAN, not obstruct.

Mr. Marian is still running against the By-Law rewrite he helped sink in 2005 using the same misinformation as before. That Planning Board no longer exists. His information and conclusions are and were specious. The current Planning Board recognizes the need for change but has no plans to resurrect that document.

Instead of focusing on how it is just now, right here in our town, Mr. Marian prefers to bring up Franklin’s recent school budget wrangling as a cautionary tale for Wrentham. He does not present all the facts. This is a straw man argument, a partial truth, a purposeful distortion of Franklin’s situation which he spuriously argues is a model for Wrentham’s future.

That whole truth to which Mr. Zizza refers is a curious thing. In my opinion, he never seems to include private property owners in his calculus. And he never seems to cite verifiable and objective sources for his information. Preferring, he says to find out for himself and then requiring his constituents to trust his word.

Obstruction born of fear is not an option. Decision making with a closed mind will not help. Patrick Moore and Glen Pisani have proven track records as open minded decision makers who keep the best interest of Wrentham in their hearts.

Vote for Patrick Moore and Glen Pisani on April 7th.